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The games on this page are sketches.
Half finished ideas, prototypes and first versions of things, random game-design 'doodles' and the like.

The aim is to at least make sure everything here is playable, bug-free and maybe even interesting / enjoyable, but the level of polish will probably vary wildly. Expect lots of shitty programmer art until I get half-decent at visuals.

-- C O N T E N T S --

  • RICOCHET! : A 2 player local multiplayer game about bouncing into walls and hitting each other.
  • IRIS : A single player 'circular shooter'
  • DEFRAG() : A single player puzzler about navigating procedural mazes
    - ARROW KEYS: move
    -SPACE: bypass (if you get stuck, it reshuffles the maze)
    - BACKSPACE: restart
Published May 08, 2017
Tags2D, ideas, prototypes, sketchbook


RICOCHET! alpha 2 MB
IRIS prototype 2 MB
DEFRAG() prototype 2 MB

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